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Carbs are NOT the enemy

ID-10053362Throughout recovery, following a meal plan can be so difficult. Personally, remembering to eat my carbs has been a struggle.  But why?! First off there is such a “stereotype” against carbs and how they are such a “bad” food.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear carbs? Weight-gain? Fats? Italian food?

We need to remember that carbs are a necessity for our bodys; they play many important roles, including:


People following a low-carb plan consistently report feeling more irritable, stressed and fatigued, even when their diet results in weight loss. One possible cause may be that carbs are essential to the body’s production of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that’s responsible for lifting your spirits, U.S. News reported.


What I learned at BuzzFeed.

I learned how a creative and innovative company operates and works throughout the day.
I signed up for #FindSparkFest, a week-long celebration to help students/recent grads start their career in NYC. One of the events included an “Inside Look @ Buzzfeed“…
We started with a tour around 175-person, 2 floor headquarters in New York City. Yes..this location included an open office area (NO Cubicles), large conference rooms and best of all a kitchen that has anything you could dream of (FRO-YO machine)! Read more about the NYC head quarters on Business Insider.
The creative department focuses on BuzzFeed’s sponsored ads, quizzes and online trends. The daily responsibilities of someone on the creative team include:
  • brainstorming
  • research
  • communication with clients
  • keeping up with trends
  • collaboration with other team members
Heard from some of the talented team at Buzz Feed:

Image result for findspark fest at buzzfeed
Juliet Austin– Talent Diversity Manager
Alix McAlpine– Director of Creative Growth
Chris Unera– Junior Creative
Melissa Rosenthal-Vice President of Creative Services
We also heard all about BuzzFeed’s incredible Summer Fellowship Program.
What I loved about BuzzFeed was the incredible company culture, it is so clear that being passionate for what you do will get you so far in life. Skills can be taught, passion cannot!

Increase your page views on LinkedIn!

Complete your profile. Join Groups! Contribute to and start discussions!
I know for me after networking or meeting someone new I usually go straight to their LinkedIn profiles…
1. To immediately connect tip: When requesting a connection on LinkedIn, try to always personalize the message that will be sent with the friend request. First impressions are everything and no one wants to receive the average, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” PERSONALIZE PERSONALIZE PERSONALIZE!
2. To see if we have any “mutual connections” Make sure when you first sign up with LinkedIn you are connected to all of your friends & family. remember: everyone knows someone who knows someone else, that can probably help you out in the long run!
3. To “stalk” their experience! In preparation for an informational interview or even a regular job interview, learn your facts and impress the employer.
LinkedIn’s “groups” feature is another great way to virtually network and learn more about broad/specific topics you may be interested in.  blog-linkedin
Go to the search bar at the top of the page and enter some keywords.
Then, in the left bar, click “Groups” to filter your results.
Some great groups I have joined include Young PR Pros, Ithaca College Roy H. Park School of Communications and The Blog Zone. Remember, in order to grow your influence within LinkedIn groups you need to actively engage in discussions!

Simple steps to radical acceptance

We are taught to accept the things we can not change. However, that’s not always the easiest thing to do, and it is definitely a lot easier said than done.
Radical: complete or total Acceptance: the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered
What does it actually mean to radically accept?
  • come to terms with reality and accept your situation for what it is
  • realize everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know what it is
  • remind ourselves that life is always worth living even during the rough patches
There are two ways of looking at things,
  1. you can be miserable for the rest of your life OR
  2. you can accept life and the situation for what it is and learn how to deal with it.
 I can’t change the fact that over the past year i have turned into a person I don’t even recognize. I can begin to accept the fact that life has its ups and downs and we can only move forward with our lives. 
Try to think of something you may be having trouble accepting
What is so difficult about accepting this?
How would your life be different or change if you began to accept this?
Radical acceptance has two elements: It is an honest acknowledgment of what is going on inside you, and a courageous willingness to be with life in the present moment, just as it is. –Tara Brach